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There will be additional transmissions to Japan in the coming weeks, next Thursday there will be a transmission again on 5850 kHz at 1000 UTC.
There will also be a transmission at 1200 UTC next Thursday via a 100 kW transmitter in Uzbekistan on 12085 kHz, this transmission is specifically targeting Japan so signals ought to be stronger than 5850. In order to gauge reception of these transmissions for potential regular broadcasts, reception reports such as yours are always important!

VORW Radio International is the official External Service of TheReportOfTheWeek, whose mission is to provide an enjoyable light entertainment program over the airwaves. Programs consist of a short lecture at the beginning, followed by a session of music, exclusively comprised of listener requested tunes.

Programs have been continuously on the air since December 22nd, 2016 though they have been on shortwave sporadically since January of 2015.

Here is the current transmission schedule:

Thursday 1000 UTC - 5850 kHz - To Western North America / Eastern Asia
Thursday 1200 UTC - 12085 kHz - To Northeast Asia
Thursday 1300 UTC - 6070 kHz - To Europe
Thursday 2000 UTC - 6070 kHz - To Europe
Friday 0100 UTC - 7490 kHz - To North America
Friday 1130 UTC - 3210 kHz - To NSW Australia

Mon / Wed / Friday - Various Daytime Hours - 5150 kHz - To NYC and the Tri-State Area



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